Iron is a mineral which is needed for healthy blood and an adequate functioning of numerous enzymes. Although the problem is mainly its lack, some people actually have an excess of iron. In order for our organism to avoid the two extremes, the iron level in our body is carefully regulated. One of the genes that are in charge of the appropriate iron level in our body is the gene HFE. In some people it is dysfunctional, and this results in too high a level of iron. According to scientific articles, 80 percent of people that have a too high iron level have an unfavourable variant of the HFE gene present on both of their chromosomes. However, among these, only 28 percent of men and 1 percent of women actually developed signs of excess iron accumulation in the body. This information proves that apart from the high importance of genes, our diet also plays a vital role, since it determines 70 percent of the final iron level.