Free Health and Wellness Financial Cost Calculator

Our clients often tell us that they find it difficult to build a strong financial case for health and wellness. To help we’ve created a free calculator that allows you to start to build a stronger business case.

We ask you a few basic questions and then create a model that is based on your data, industry averages from the Office for National Statistics and from our own database. The report includes:

  • Your company productivity compared to your industry average
  • Employee sickness absence cost based on your revenue
  • Health risks you may be facing broken down by seniority
  • The financial impact of losing key employees to ill health
  • A summary of your financial risk and opportunity in relation to health and wellness

In the interest of complete transparency we explain our workings at each stage and link back to relevant research/evidence as much as possible. Feel free to replicate the report or contact us if you would like help to create a more accurate report for your business.

Start by searching for your company and answering 3 questions about your business.