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Things to know before you purchase

We’ve developed a cost-effective and efficient way of providing health assessments. Our assessments don’t involve a clinic visit like more traditional health assessments and results are presented via an online dashboard – both of these things mean that we can keep our costs low and provide a comparable service for less to you, the customer.

Possibly. Some policies will allow you to claim back some of the cost of your health assessment. It depends on what type of policy you have and who you have it with. You’d need to speak to your provider to find out.

Our Plus assessment includes 34 blood test results while our Premium assessment includes 39 blood test results. The additional 5 blood tests are: blood type, CRP, Omega 3, Hba1c (diabetes risk) TSH (thyroid health).

These additional tests are relatively expensive to process which is why the cost of the Premium is considerably more expensive than the Plus assessment.

Absolutely. If you decide that you would rather visit a clinic or have a nurse visit you at home to have your blood sample taken, rather than using the home kit, let us know and we’ll make the necessary changes to your order, and send you details about how you book your visit. A clinic visit costs an additional £30 and a nurse visit costs £45.

Occasionally people wish to order more than one health assessment at a time. For example, a husband and wife might both wish to purchase one of our health assessments and pay for both at the same time.

While it’s not possible to do that at the moment, we’re working on it. Until then, if you want to order more than one health assessment for more than one person you will need to order them separately, and set up an account for each individual assessment.

We work with a network of over 100 clinics around the country and hopefully you’ll be able to find one that is convenient to you. Whilst we can’t tell you the exact address of the clinic, if you use our interactive map, you’ll be able to find out whether a clinic is within 5, 10, 15+miles away from where you’re located.

No. That’s the beauty of a LiveSmart health check. Our assessments are carried out using the results of a simple blood test that you can do at home using one of our finger prick tests. The results of your blood test are combined with your health profile to create a health score and report which will be delivered to you via an online dashboard. So, there’s no need to attend a clinic to have a health assessment with us.

(If you don’t like the idea of taking your own blood sample, then you can opt to visit a clinic for an additional £30.)

When you purchase your health assessment you can choose one of three options to collect your blood sample;

  1. Home blood collection - This uses the finger prick collection method. Many find it convenient as they can do it in their own time, no needles involved (just a small finger prick), you do not need to make any appointments and just post the samples back to the lab that same day.
  2. Visit a partner clinic - We have a number of partner clinics around the UK. For £30 you can attend one of these clinics to have your blood sample taken by a trained phlebotomist/nurse. This is a good option for those who don’t want to deal with their blood samples at home.
  3. Home/Office Visit - We have a network of 200 nurses across the UK that can come out to visit your home or office for £45 and take your blood sample. Best for those busy at work or at home that can’t travel to make a clinic visit. Or, for those who live in more remote locations.

All of our health assessments are safe to complete during pregnancy as the only physical component is the blood test. You do need to make sure you note down if you are currently pregnant in your health profile so that your LiveSmart health professionals know your current situation.

Please note that none of our health assessments should be used as a substitute for the recommended blood tests required by your primary care physician during pregnancy. They are also not designed to replace medical advice during your pregnancy.

If you are feeling unwell please consult your doctor. To get the most out of your LiveSmart health assessment, we do suggest waiting until you have recovered from your illness to take the blood test. In addition, reporting in your health profile any recent illness or conditions will help your consulting LiveSmart team provide you with the appropriate advice and recommendations.

Blood sample collection

Depending on the collection method you have ordered you'll receive clear instructions in your email confirmation of order of the next steps. Home blood sample collection kits are distributed in 1-2 working days following purchase. For clinic visits, you need to arrange an appointment time with one of our partner clinics. If you have chosen to have a phlebotomist visit you at home or come to your office, a nurse will contact you soon after your order to arrange a time for them to visit. We'll also send you a blood test kit for the nurse to use when they visit you.

Yes! It’s very important that all the sample tubes are filled exactly as the instructions state. We need the purple tube filled at least halfway up the label and the yellow tube filled to the top of the label. If your samples are not filled adequately then it is highly likely the laboratory will not have enough blood to analyse all of the tests. If this happens, you will be offered a repeat homekit free of charge. Alternatively you can look at the other collection methods and pay to visit a clinic or have a phlebotomist visit you at home.

There are a number of simple things to check you have organised prior to taking your blood sample. Make sure you are standing up, gravity helps with the blood flow. Make sure you are warm, as well as the surrounding room being warm. Massage down the palm of your hand to the tip of your finger. If the blood clots at the point of the pin prick, just wipe it away to restore the flow of blood. If you continue to struggle with your blood clotting, then you will need to use another lancet to make a second pin prick.

Once you have taken your blood samples, time is of the essence to get your sample back to the laboratory as quick as possible. The sample tubes are coated with chemicals which prevent the blood from clotting but this only works for a short period of time, after that the blood becomes haemolysed and won’t return accurate results. The fresher the blood gets to the lab, the more likely there will be no issues for the laboratory processing your sample.

We do include an express freepost service to ensure the sample gets from the post box to our lab as quickly as possible.

Tip: Take your sample first thing in the morning or at lunch so you get it into the post before the end of the day!

We use a CQC Registered and UKAS accredited laboratory called County Pathology. As well as dealing with LiveSmart samples they also cater to a number of GPs, Insurance Providers and the NHS.

Your Results

Your results and full analysis will be available on your personal, password protected dashboard within 10 working days of the lab receiving your blood sample. It may be sooner.

You will have your own secure online dashboard that shows your results and analysis. The dashboard is divided by body system. For example, all of your indicators of kidney function will be graphed for you to view under the 'Kidney Health' section, as well as the corresponding recommendations from the LiveSmart doctor.

After purchase the first thing you need to do is fill in your LiveSmart Health Profile. Once you have submitted your sample to our lab it will then be processed and passed back to us. Your Health Profile and your blood results are combined and reviewed by the LiveSmart clinical team.

You’ll be emailed to notify you that your results are ready. To access them, simply log in to the account using your email address and password.

Of course, you can! Once you receive your results you get the option to have a results consultation call with one of our health coaches. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have regarding your results and the report in general.

Our health plans also include regular coaching calls which allow you to work with a health coach to improve your health over time. You can find out more about health coaching here.

Not necessarily. If there are any issues with your results the LiveSmart doctor may suggest you visit your own GP to have further tests or investigations. Often any abnormal results need to be re-checked to see if it is a continual abnormality. Your results will also be available in a printable version should you wish to show your doctor. Our health coaches are also available for consultations over the telephone.

Yes, you can! To print your raw blood results, head to “My Account” and select “Print results”. In addition, you can download the LiveSmart app for iPhone or Android where you can access your results on the go and show them to your healthcare provider.

Your blood lets you know how your body is doing. Whether it’s cholesterol, kidney and liver function, micronutrient levels or how well your white blood cells are doing - knowing how your body is working with (or against) your lifestyle can help you make changes to live smarter.

The LiveSmart tests should be your first step in being more proactive with your health. Book in your first health coaching call. The call lasts approximately 50 mins and gives you the opportunity to review your results and work out health goals with the help and support of your health coach.

Past customers have gone on to:

  • Make positive changes in their diet
  • Improve their level of exercise, both the type and frequency
  • Commence health coaching with a LiveSmart health coach for improving their risk of developing a chronic disease
  • Increase their awareness of any signs or symptoms they may have for developing illness
  • Follow-up recommendations or actions with their own GP if required

Under no circumstances should a LiveSmart health assessment be a substitute for seeing your doctor, especially if you are suffering symptoms or have any ongoing health concerns.

Our team of doctors and dietitians review your blood results and medical/lifestyle data to provide you with a comprehensive insight into your current health, risk factors for developing chronic disease and advice on how you can improve your future health. They do not diagnose.

If any of your results require further follow-up action, you will advised to seek advice from your doctor.

Your account and personal information

We take the security of your data very seriously and are continuously trying to improve on this.

All data is stored on our servers which are based in the UK.


Occasionally we are able to include some additional blood as part of your health assessment. However, any extra blood tests will incur an additional cost. If you would like to get a quote for an additional blood test, please email us on and we’ll get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, not. We don’t include heart, body or any other scans as part of our health assessment. LiveSmart health assessments are based on the results of a simple blood test and a health profile. They are designed to be a convenient way to get your health checked without the need for visiting a clinic.

Our health assessments do not specifically test for cancer. Your results are reviewed by our clinical team and if there are any abnormalities in any of these results that warrant further investigation, these will be highlighted on your report with recommendations of next steps.

While getting an abnormal blood result can be unsettling, it’s worth noting that abnormalities in blood results can mean so many things, even just changes from everyday illnesses like a cold or flu and affect your blood results. This is why it is a good idea to get a health assessment to find out how your major organs are functioning.

You can find out exactly what our Plus and Premium health assessments include and compare packages on our website

Unfortunately, not. Our health assessments do not include any body scans, which are required to diagnose osteoporosis.


We hope that you’ll never have any reason to complain about our service. However, if there is something that you’re not happy with, you should contact our customer service team in the first instance. Call them on 0330 808 0942 or send an email to

Your complaint will be logged by our customer service team and we aim to resolve any complaints over the telephone within 24 hours.

Complaints escalation

If we’re unable to successfully resolve the issue straight away, here’s what happens next:

  1. Unresolved complaints will be escalated to a member of our clinical or non-clinical team. They’ll contact you within 5 working days with a response to your complaint.
  2. If you’re still not satisfied the complaint will be escalated to either the Lead Dietitian (clinical) or Customer Service Lead (non-clinical) within 48 hours. We’ll advise you of who is dealing with the complaint and you’ll receive a response within 10 days.
  3. Any complaints not resolved by this stage will be referred to the Head of Operations (non-clinical) or the Chief Medical Officer (clinical) who will review the handling of the complaint and you’ll receive a final response within two weeks. If this isn’t possible, we’ll let you know why and tell you when you can expect a final response.


If you’re still not satisfied with the outcome, your complaint will be referred to LiveSmart’s CEO and a final response will be issued within two weeks.

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