Health Check FAQs

When purchasing your Health Check you have three options for blood sample collection. You can choose for a blood collection kit containing all you need to get a sample of your blood for analysis to be sent to your home. You can choose to arrange a booking for a clinic visit to have your blood taken, or to have a phlebotomist to visit you at your office or home. If you choose the home test-kit, you are not required to draw blood so there are no needles involved. The sample is taken using a pin-prick collection method. Using a lancet you pierce the fingertip and simply collect the blood in the tubes provided. To see more detailed instructions with hints and tips go to this page
Some of the tests you are getting with your health check can become unstable when your blood is taken, therefore the sooner the laboratory receives your sample, the better they can process your blood sample. We coat our sample tubes with chemicals that prevents the blood from clotting but this only works for a short period of time, after that the blood becomes haemolysed and we won't be able to return accurate results. We include an express free post service to make sure the sample gets from the post box to our lab as quickly as possible. Tip: Take your sample first thing in the morning or at lunch so it makes the post in time!
The LiveSmart Health Check is safe to use during pregnancy and you should inform your Health Check consulting doctor of your condition. Please note, your LiveSmart Health Check should not be used as a substitute for recommended blood tests during your pregnancy, please continue to see your primary health care physician as directed.  LiveSmart Health Checks are not designed to replace medical advice. If you are feeling unwell please consult your doctor. To get the most out of your Health Check, we suggest waiting until you have recovered from your illness to take the blood test informing your health Check consulting doctor of any recent conditions. 
Yes! It is really important that all the sample tubes are filled to the top of the label. If they aren’t we don’t have enough blood to do the required tests. Not filling the tubes sufficiently could result in a retest which would incur an additional charge.
There are a couple of simple things that will help increase blood flow including:warming the hand under warm water first, massaging from the hand to the finger, standing up and pointing the finger down and if the blood around the pin prick starts to clot just wipe it away to restore the flow. You should be able to fill two tubes from one finger easily. See our ‘How To’ guides here.
Once you have submitted your sample to our laboratory they will be processed and the results reviewed by our in-house Doctor. Then you’ll be emailed to notify you that you’re results are ready. To access them you simply need to log in to the account you initially created when you told us about your lifestyle.
You’ll be emailed by your consulting doctor, Dr O'Hare (GMC Registration number 6058134) and will have the opportunity to ask any questions via email after you’ve seen your report.
Yes you can! Each GP will have a different approach to how they use them, but if anything is noted as abnormal by the LiveSmart consulting GP they will recommend a course of action - whether it be seeing a GP for a more in-depth assessment or, in extreme cases, heading to A&E. You are also able to download and print your LiveSmart Health Check results to take in with you when if you need to see your GP.
Your blood lets you know how your body is functioning. Whether it is your cholesterol levels, kidney and liver function, micronutrient levels or your levels of white blood cells, knowing how your body is working with (or against) your lifestyle can help you make changes to live smarter. 
We use accredited laboratories with clinics in over 100 different locations across the UK. As well as dealing with LiveSmart samples they also cater to a number of NHS clients.